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Director M. Bruce Hyers

Image of Bruce Hyers
M. Bruce Hyers, Director

From the Director

It is that time of the year again! Please be cau­tious of our RED spray trucks in your neigh­bor­hood! All of our trucks are equipped with in-cab con­trols so we can cut the insec­ti­cide spray off with­out cut­ting the spray machine off. We will be very cau­tious and cour­te­ous of any walk­ers, jog­gers or any­one out and about dur­ing our spray mis­sion. Please feel free to con­tact our agency if you have a MOSQUITO prob­lem so we can address your prob­lem and hope­fully resolve it. Our goal is to try and main­tain a com­fort level with these pesky lit­tle insects!



Thanks for your sup­port,


M.B. Hyers   

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