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Amelia Island Mosquito Control District is responsible for the controlling and abatement of mosquitoes within the boundaries of the District. 


The District includes Amelia Island, Marsh Lakes and Piney Island. 


Our organization was founded December, 1950 by a freeholders election sponsored by the Women's Club of Fernandina Beach, Florida.

The District uses an integrated approach to mosquito control which involves four strategies: 


  • Water management (ditching, diking, elimination of standing water) 

  • Larvaciding (targeting the mosquito larva) 

  • Adulticiding (targeting the adult mosquito)

  • Public education and positive relations through good customer service and transparency


In the early days, the District provided mosquito control in the form of expanding old drainage ditches and excavating new ones where appropriate. This would allow mosquito fish (gambusia affinis) to prey on mosquito larva as well as allowing District personnel access to these areas.


Adulticiding (spraying for adult mosquitoes) is still conducted with truck mounted sprayers. In the 1950's, 60's and 70's, thermal foggers were used. With new advances and technologies and new ULV (ultra low volume) sprayers, a very precise and small amount of pesticide is distributed to control adult mosquitos. 


We strictly adhere to environmental protection standards and nationally recognized safety standards.


Our personnel are trained in our operations and safety programs and are routinely refreshed to insure proper compliance and safe practices.

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